Why I Run

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This past Sunday, I headed out for a run. It’s only the second run I’ve gone on since starting this whole thing and it was freaking awesome.

Where I live, the city closes the main street on Sundays and opens it up to runners, dog walkers, cyclist, and rollerbladers.

It was the perfect morning. It was cool, but sunny. I’m not going to lie, I was mildly hungover from a few too many craft beers from the night before, but I was up early, full of fruit smoothie, and ready to see how far my legs could take me.

Now, let’s keep in mind that last week I ran for five minutes, walked for five minutes, and then ran for another 10 minutes. It was a really hard run that made me feel slow and out of shape.

Sundays run was completely different. First of all, there were tons of other runners around, which kind of made me feel like I was in a race. I felt this surge of togetherness with the total strangers who also like to punish themselves for fun.

All of these factors together made this run feel really fun. I could feel the competitor inside me creeping up to the surface anytime someone tried to pass me. I had my headphones in and I was playing some terrible Spotify running playlist, but it didn’t matter. I found that meditative state that I have missed so much, the one that draws me back to running everything I fall off the bandwagon.

After running for a solid 25 minutes, I sat down in the sunshine and stretched. I thought about why I love this torturous sport so much.

why I run
Contrary to my facial expression, I was loving my run!

Why I Run

Running isn’t really a form of exercise for me. It’s not something that I do because I want to get fit. That’s why I do pilates and power yoga and HIIT workouts.

Running is something that I do because it keeps me sane.

Running is something that I do because it’s the only time that I can completely shut off my noisy mind and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

I run because I’ve never been able to sit down and meditate.┬áRunning is my mediation.

I run because when I’m done I feel a sense of accomplishment that I’ve never gotten from anything else.

I run because it makes me feel strong and independent.

I run because I love that feeling when I push through the exhaustion and keep going even though I’d rather stop. It makes me feel like I can literally do anything.

I run because I need to think through the difficult stuff without any distractions. It’s my therapy.

Running takes me away from the laptop screen, from the to-do lists, from the obligations, from the unanswered emails, and from the pinging Whatsapp messages.

Running is my time to simply be alone with myself because while I love my boyfriend and I love my family and I love my job, sometimes I can’t give them any more until I give a little bit back┬áto myself.

Why do you run?

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Why running keeps me sane and other reasons to run

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